Jewish Event Planning 101 – Why You Should Outsource Your Event Planning

Jewish Event Planning 101 – Why You Should Outsource Your Event Planning

Here’s an overview of the benefits of outsourcing your event planning to the experts. We know that outsourcing sounds evil and un-American, but that’s not what outsourcing entirely means.

Outsourcing is very misunderstood.

Some interpret outsourcing as costing American’s jobs by sending them overseas. Others consider outsourcing as a cheap way to get things done. In reality, outsourcing is simply defined as creating efficiencies in the workplace by letting outside specialists handle tasks within their field of expertise. Outsourcing itself is nothing new. Firms have long hired outside vendors to handle marketing, advertising, public relations, media buying, event planning, web design, printing, and many other services that are deemed by companies as “necessary functions best left to experts”.

Outsourcing creates an efficient team of expert planners.

That’s what outsourcing your event planning does: creates an efficient team of expert event planners or your events, removing workplace inefficiencies such as time, expense, and uncertainty of creating, planning, maintaining relationships, and coordinating events.

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Event Planning


  • Experts in Event Planning…

Every firm aims to hire the best employees with the most expertise. Unfortunately, when it comes to event planning, that doesn’t always happen. Most firms rely on interns, temps, inexperienced employees in different departments, or part-time receptionists to plan their events. That method of operating is similar to sending a novice to close an important sales deal. From a time management point of view, researching and qualifying catering, venues, entertainment, and other event services are time-consuming and ancillary tasks that cut into a person’s everyday workload. As a result, the  “non event planning” employee may settle for a simple solution and a simple event just to get the task out of the way. That leaves your firm with a mediocre event with potentially low attendance, unqualified attendee’s, and ineffective results

  • … Create Memorable & Successful Events.

Effective and efficient firms send their best to close the deal, and for your events, with dozens or hundreds of prospective clients and deals possible, why use a under qualified team to create a mediocre event? Organizations need to have memorable, outstanding, and inspiring events for their current and prospective donors to attend and those donors need to see that the organization has efficient leadership and that their dollars are being  put to good use. Mediocre events don’t create valuable memories of the product or service; bland fundraising events don’t inspire confidence in the organization. By outsourcing to expert event planners, your firm has access to an expanded talent pool with innovative ideas and fresh perspectives all at greater cost savings. Event planning experts make sure the events they plan are outstanding, memorable, and inspiring. And if you’re looking to make an impact and leave attendee’s wanting more, your firm should defer to the experts.

  • Saves costs (making your dollars go further).

Saving money while trying to make your dollars go further is a task on every firm’s mind. In tough economies, firms need to do more with less. Budgets for marketing, event planning, and public relations can be very tight, especially during a slow economic recovery. Yet smart companies and organizations understand that when times are tough, marketing, PR and event planning are more important than ever and extremely vital to their growth and mission. By outsourcing those tasks, your firm is able to work within your budgetary framework, reduces overhead and operating costs (such as office space and employee benefits), and increases worker efficiency by allowing them to focus on more important and concentrated tasks.

  • Greater employee efficiency. Less “filler work”.

When not planning events, employers have a tendency to fill event planners daily workload with “filler work”. Faxing, copying, answering phones, monitoring your social media, etc … Honestly, these are tasks that can be done by an hourly intern instead of a salaried employee with benefits. Not only is “filler work” tedious, belaboring, and uninspiring for event planners, your company risks creating negative workplace morale and diluted employee job satisfaction. Which means that before long, you’re event planners could bail for more growth-oriented positions. If an event planner was hired to plan events, then that employee wants to do just that and play to his strengths and core competencies. If your firm isn’t having enough events to justify a full time event planner or filling an event planners time with “filler work”, its time to consider outsourcing your event planning tasks.

  • Negotiate better pricing through strong relationships.

A major detail in the event planning process is obtaining the best selection of services at the best price. Within organizations and businesses, management that constantly shops for a “best-price” deal in their event planning is usually unable to capitalize on the capabilities or selection that knowledgeable event planners can offer. As time goes on, firms sense of urgency in their event planning could mean closing on the first available vendor, not utilizing the advantages of negotiating pricing and services. Experienced event planners have extensive vendor databases, established relationships, and a distinct advantage in obtaining the best service at the best price.

Work with experts. Save money.

Increase efficiency. Obtain better pricing.

Outsourcing is starting to make a lot of sense.

Henry Isaacs