Jewish PR 101 – Kosher is the New “Green” Trend

Jewish PR 101 – Kosher is the New “Green” Trend

Kosher Organic, Natural TrendsThe term Kosher has certainly migrated from an ancient Jewish ritual into a trendsetting term. Used in punchlines and vastly misunderstood (Kosher does not merely mean that a Rabbi has blessed the food), describing an item as Kosher has become as cherished a word as organic, natural, and green. (Check out the NY Times article on Kosher trend-setting)

Long known as one of the most humane ways of slaughter, Kosher is now known for its humane, natural, and ethical guidelines. Consumers see the word Kosher as a signpost indicating clean, natural, and overall, just plain good for you. For the Jewish market, Kosher has always meant that the product is supervised by a rabbinic authority for proper compliance with ritual slaughter, cleanliness, and purity (this is a basic overview – for more in depth analysis, check out this overview by the Orthodox Union).

To the layman, though, Kosher certifications aren’t always as recognizable as terms like “100% Natural”, “Organic”, or “Pure”. Yet at the same time, due to the recesssion, organic and “green” products, usually significantly higher in price, have been hit hard and passed over by price-conscious consumers in favor of regular or generic products (as reported by the NY Times and other media outlets). Kosher products, however, haven’t seen any significant sales declines due to the Jewish market’s dependence on Kosher items, adding a sense of security to companies bottom line while also having the trendy “natural/green” factor.

Now, kashrut agencies and Jewish movements are adding even more to the label Kosher. Now, those Kashrut agencies and movements are adding an ethical seal on top of the Kosher seal, adding a 2.0 element to an ancient Kosher standard. Though not strictly required by Jewish law, the new ethical seal’s theme of ethical and humane treatment is certainly consistent with what Kosher means and stands for.

Hundreds of brands currently have some form of Kosher certification. Adding Kosher certification to your product not only opens your product line to a new world of Jewish consumers, but it also transforms your product into a suitable one for health-conscious and organic shoppers even more than it was before.

Being associated with Kosher is definitely a trend setting theme for food items to highly consider. Kosher food is the new way to “go green”.

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