Jewish Advertising 101 – Print Is Alive and Well By The Jewish Audience

Jewish Advertising 101 – Print Is Alive and Well By The Jewish Audience

Reaching the Jewish marketing in print and onlinePrint marketing has certainly gotten a bad rep in the eyes of advertisers and media buyers. With news and information moving at the speed of light, waiting for a print publication can seem a bit outdated and slow for advertisers seeking instant and quantifiable results.

But for the Jewish market, print newspapers and media outlets are thriving due primarily to the weekend Sabbath (as noted in The Jewish Week article). For Orthodox Jewry, the Sabbath has certain restrictions regarding computer, television, and internet use, leaving print as the traditional source of information and roundup of Jewish news.

In certain ultra-Orthodox sects of Jewry, print is even the sole source of information of news, business, and advertising, due to even stricter sect restrictions on internet, telivision, and computer usage. Though not too common a restriction outside of certain communities (such as Williamsburg, Boro Park, and parts of Rockland County), print publications are still a vibrant source of advertising and marketing. With Jewish families tending to be larger than the average US family size, the Jewish market is growing faster than the average US consumer, especially in the Greater New York area.

Within the Greater New York market, pockets of Jewish consumers in Orthodox communities hold great purchasing power. Flatbush, Teaneck, Five Towns, Boro Park, Monsey, and Great Neck hold affluent Jewish markets that utilize their weekly print publications for purchasing decisions. In fact, these communities tend to have numerous print publications to service these communities. Flatbush alone has nearly a dozen print newspapers, media outlets, penny savers, and magazines servicing their community. 

In modern and non-Orthodox communities that don’t strictly adhere to internet, television, and computer restrictions on Sabbath, print is still a traditional media outlet that helps them connect to the weekly holiday. And as such, certain print media outlets cater to the market as intensely as the Orthodox print publications. And of course, many print media outlets have supplemental web and email services, as well as innovative approaches with Jewish wire services, that provide breaking news and weekly roundups of Jewish international news.

The main issue for Jewish advertisers and mainstream advertisers looking to  looking to target the Jewish consumer is knowing how to sort out the print publications for quality, subscribers, and demographics. Within the New York area, print is definitely the primary way to reach the Jewish consumer.


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