Jewish Event Planning 101 – The Other Wedding Parties – Sheva Brocha, Aufruf, and Shabbat Kallah

Jewish Event Planning 101 – The Other Wedding Parties – Sheva Brocha, Aufruf, and Shabbat Kallah

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The Other Parties: Sheva Brachot, Aufruf, and Shabbat Kallah

There’s much more to a Jewish Orthodox wedding than just the day-of. Like American weddings with rehearsal dinners and bachelor parties, the Jewish Orthodox wedding has their own brand of before- and after-parties. Let’s talk about the other parties associated with a Jewish wedding:

Sheva Brachot

Crazy Seven Days of Post-Wedding Parties – The after-parties for the Jewish wedding go for 7 crazy days. Well, including the wedding day. As indicated by the Wikipedia post, there are seven blessings associated with a wedding and as a result, the tradition became to hold a small scale party for each day of the seven blessings.By small, I mean expect maybe 30-50 people per event, which is technically considered an intimate event.

What does this mean to you? Well, if you’re a venue or vendor who just managed to book a Jewish wedding client, why not offer the couple a discounted option for servicing their Sheva Brachot? Book up your venue or upsell your services through smaller events that are guaranteed to happen the next day! And for the next seven days. Booking up space at venues during the weekdays isn’t always easy so this is an easy guaranteed way to increase bookings of major and intimate Jewish events.


The Jewish Orthodox Bachelor Party – Yes, this sounds like a strange term to be associated with a wedding, but the Aufruf goes back for generations. Also referred to as Shabbat Hatan, the groom is called up to read or make a blessing by the Torah in the weekend before his big day. Candies are thrown, festive kiddushim (Jewish cocktail parties on Shabbat, substituting schnapps for the cocktail) are held, and the groom’s friends are hanging for one last time together!

What does this mean to you? Well, you’re kind of roadblocked in a lot of services for this event. Aufruf’s take place on Shabbat so no photography or electronics are generally used. but independent caterers can really benefit from the Aufruf. Serving a small crowd of Aufruf attendee’s is a great way to showcase your food and get word of mouth generating for your small catering business. Decor and save the dates are also great services to provide for the Aufruf. Remember, the Aufruf takes place the weekend before the big day so if you’ve been booked to handle the catering, or invitations, or decor for the wedding in advance, do a follow up reminder about your services for the Aufruf.

Shabbat Kallah

Essentially, this is the same as an Aufruf, just this is for the bride. Why the seperation of the two parties? Excellent question. Let’s get romantic – aside from the idea of friends and family spending time with their bride and groom individually, the seperation is a traditional tool for promoting a sense of heightened love and desire between the bride and groom, who will eventually be “re-united” on their wedding day for the first time. And this doesn’t just take place at the Shabbat Kallah or Aufruf – some traditions say that the couple should seperate for a week in order to make the couple miss each other and anticipate their wedding day even more. Beautiful.

What does this mean to you? See Aufruf above!

I hope this gives you insight into the traditions and parties of the Jewish Orthodox Wedding. That’s the 411 on the Other Wedding Parties!

Henry Isaacs