Jewish Event Planning 101 – High Style Events Tips article from In Fashion Magazine

Jewish Event Planning 101 – High Style Events Tips article from In Fashion Magazine

High Style Events article - In FashionOur High Style Events division had our High Styled Tips article published in the premier Jewish magazine for the affluent Jewish household, In Fashion Magazine ( We’ve included the entire tips in our blog but if you can pick up the magazine, that’s even better! We look forward to placing our stamp of High Style on your event!


High Style Events Article

| In Fashion Magazine |

When it comes to special events, we love to High Style them. We believe your event is one of a kind and should reflect that uniqueness every step of the way, from concept to completion. So we’re sharing some of our favorite High Styled ideas that we’ve
innovated and come across that can really turn your event into an extraordinary

Go Stylish on Your Placecards

Make a first and lasting an impression with customized placecards. We know of a wedding where the placecards were tiny customized Tiffany boxes for
each attendee – if you receive a Tiffany’s box as your placecard, you KNOW
uniqueness – for non-profit gala dinners, try a hinting yet playful money
clip placecard holder. For corporate or trade show events, we love a
customized MingleStick (check it out on our Facebook page, High Style
Events). For social events, a tiny picture frame with the attendee’s pictures is a glorious, welcoming, and personal touch.

Tailor Your Man
Women go to far lengths to tailor their dresses and outfits for a special
event. Three to five dress fittings for a wedding gown, mother of the
bride, or Bat Mitvah dress is standard procedure. But nothing is more asymmetrical than a elegantly dressed woman and blandly dressed man. Take  the time to ensure your husband, son, or fiancé dresses PERFECTLY. For
your man, remember: the suit could be the most expensive suit or tuxedo in
all of New York but if it doesn’t fit well on him, you’re wasting your
money. Buying an affordable fitted suit from Zara or Calving Klein is step one and tailoring it even more perfectly is step two. Plus, don’t solely
rely on the tailors at department stores like Lord & Taylor or Saks with promises of free tailoring with a suit purchase – take your suit to a trusted tailor that you know can make it perfect. Same with tuxedos – get your tailor to look at it and see it on you before you buy or rent. Add even more High Style – if you’re getting a custom-made dress designed, ask your tailor to use the extra fabric swatches and design a matching tie or pocket square, even for a cummerbund, for your special man. Nothings says stylish more than two well-dressed (and matching!) people.

Ditch the Keyboard. Go for a DJ.
For smaller events where orchestra’s just don’t make sense, party like
it’s 2011. Ditch the one man band and singer/keyboardist and go for the
     DJ. DJ’s have numerous musical styles available to them at the push of a
button – Sephardic, Fusion, Rock, Dance, etc – and are in the same price
range as a keyboardist anyway. The difference – DJ’s up the “cool factor”
by a thousand percent and dictate the party mode of the event much better.
No disrespect to keyboardists (keyboards went out of style back in the
1990’s along with SmashMouth and Genesis) but I haven’t heard anyone come
to an event and say “Wow, you have a keyboardist!”; they say “Wow, you got
a DJ!” And at your event, we know you want to have that “WOW Factor”.

High Style Tip of the Month – The Wedding Interior Designer

Go the extra mile and hire an
     interior designer to oversee your entire venue and recommend stylish
     elements. For people getting married in special venues (catering halls,
country club, etc), the venue is pre-designed for elegance so all you need
to add is your extra bit of style to accentuate the venue’s elegance.
However, for those getting married in Synagogues or other locations
designed for usefulness, placing just flowers throughout simply won’t High
Style your event to reflect your uniqueness. So we recommend going the
extra mile and hiring an interior designer to see what stylish elements
can be added to really make your event extremely stylish. Some floral
decorators offer this service but, as you’ll see in the next tip,
specialized means customized (and you won’t necessarily pay more at all).

Specialized means Customized
We’ve met so many vendors who tack on different tasks in order to offer
more than what they normally do. For example: Florists & Caterers.
Caterers & Event Planners. Musicians & Photography. Photography
& Carpet Cleaning. Chuppah Designers & Coffin Designers (don’t
hire these guys!). Basically, they add more services in order to increase
revenue but remember – the more un-specialized, the less you can
customize. If they don’t specialize in one task, they can’t excel in the
     one task you really want them to do. Caterers should focus on amazing
food, not  Find specialists and you can tell them EXACTLY what you
would like so they can customize the event to you and EXCEL in it. Don’t
you deserve customized service at your special event? We know you do.

With these tips, now you can start putting a stamp of High Style on your special event!

Olivia Bondarsky is the highly experienced Lead Event Planner at High Style
Events, a team of Jewish event planners specializing in the Jewish event. Like
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